P2 Optimizing Workflow in the Modern EP Lab

Improving EP lab workflow including use of closure devices

8:26 Min | Tag: AFIB

P1 Optimizing Workflow in the Modern EP Lab

Dr Rodney Horton presentation from HRS 2019.

9:00 Min | Tag: AFIB

Left Atrial Appendage Implant (Watchman™)

EP expert Dr. Rodney Horton explains details of Watchman™ procedure

2:13 Min | Tag: AFIB

Percutaneous Aspiration of LAA Thrombus

Dr.Rodney Horton discusses technique to treat a large left atrial appendage thrombus

3:52 Min | Tag: AFIB

Management of Large LAA Peri-device Leak

Dr.Rodney Horton discusses his approach to treating leak around Watchman device

5:36 Min | Tag: AFIB