Risks of Smoking

Share image about risk of smoking

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What's CAD

Mechanism of coronary artery disease

2:12 Min | Tag: LEARN

Hypertension Basics

Simple explanation of Hypertension (HTN)

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Treating high blood pressure

Treatment options for hypertension (HTN)

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Monitoring high BP

How to monitor high blood pressure

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Good Heart Health

Understanding risk factors for CAD and heart health

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Treatment of hypertension

Lifestyle and medications for HTN

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Hypertension (HTN)

Understanding Hypertension (HTN) and importance

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Complications of HTN

Complications of Hypertension (HTN)

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Types of Cholesterol

Explanation of bad (LDL) and good (HDL) cholesterol

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What is High Cholesterol

Understanding high cholesterol and risks of hyperlipidemia

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Sleep Apnea & Heart Disease

Explanation of relationship between sleep apnea and heart disease

3:11 Min | Tag: CHF

Type 2 Diabetes & Cardiovascular Disease

DM & CVD risk mgmt by endocrinologist Dr. Blevins

6:11 Min | Tag: Diabetes