Normal Heart Function

Explanation of cardiac chambers, valves and function.

0:55 Min | Tag: CHF

Congestive Heart Failure

Mechanism of CHF

0:52 Min | Tag: CHF

Left Heart Failure

Systolic and diastolic CHF

1:33 Min | Tag: CHF

Right Heart Failure (RHF)

Explanation of right ventricular HF and consequences

0:37 Min | Tag: CHF

Impella VAD

Ventricular assist device (VAD) for heart failure (CHF) or shock

1:24 Min | Tag: CAD

CardioMeMS HF system

PA pressure monitoring for CHF

3:01 Min | Tag: CHF

HeartMate PHP

Ventricular assist device (VAD) for high risk PCI

2:14 Min | Tag: CAD

Monitoring Heart Failure

Instructions to monitor CHF at home

Min | Tag: CHF

Classes of Heart Failure (CHF)

Description of classes of CHF

Min | Tag: CHF

Heart Failure Questions

Questions to understand heart failure

Min | Tag: CHF

Heart Failure Devices

Heart failure (HF) devices eg ICD

2:13 Min | Tag: CHF

Understanding Heart Failure

Causes and presentation of CHF

2:43 Min | Tag: CHF

Managing Heart Failure

Medications and treatments of CHF

6:14 Min | Tag: CHF

Treatment of Heart Failure

Meds, procedures & lifestyle for CHF

2:46 Min | Tag: CHF

Opciones de tratamiento comunes para insuficiencia cardíaca

comunes para insuficiencia cardiaca

2:46 Min | Tag: SPANISH

Cardiac Rehab Programs

Phases and benefits of cardiac rehab

Min | Tag: CAD

What is Cardiac Rehab?

Understanding cardiac rehabilitation

2:03 Min | Tag: CAD

¿Qué es la rehabilitación cardíaca?

Comprender la rehabilitación cardíaca

2:27 Min | Tag: SPANISH

Why is Cardiac Rehab Important?

Understanding the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation

1:30 Min | Tag: CAD

¿Por qué es importante la rehabilitación cardíaca?

Comprender los beneficios de la rehabilitación cardíaca

2:08 Min | Tag: SPANISH

Heart failure and congestion

Explanation of how fluid builds up in CHF

1:11 Min | Tag: CHF

Heart Attack and Heart Failure

How heart attack can cause CHF

0:45 Min | Tag: CHF

Abnormal heart valves and heart failure

How abnormal heart valves can cause CHF

01:01 Min | Tag: CHF

Vasodilators in CHF

Mechanism of vasodilators like ACEI in congestive heart failure

1:02 Min | Tag: CHF

Diuretics in CHF

Mechanism of diuretics in congestive heart failure

51 Min | Tag: CHF