Discussion Forum - QnA

A simple video explanation of how to participate and start a new discussion on our Clinician only discussion forum - QnA

01:23 Min | Tag: HOWTO

Download Videos

A simple video explanation of how to download videos on our app inorder to view when you're offline as well

00:58 Min | Tag: HOWTO

Favorite Videos

Now you can mark your most liked videos as a Favorite and access them faster via the My CV section

00:46 Min | Tag: HOWTO

Favorite Videos

Looking for something specific? Here's a simple explanation on how to find videos in the app

01:42 Min | Tag: HOWTO

Sharing the App

Learn how to share the CardioVisual Heart Health App and increase the awareness about heart disease and its prevention

01:05 Min | Tag: HOWTO

Access Playlists

Our curated playlists are a great collection of just the right videos on various topics

01:11 Min | Tag: HOWTO

Interactive Images

Learn how to draw on images and save them for sharing with patients or other HCPs

01:00 Min | Tag: HOWTO