Treatment of PAD

Treatments for peripheral artery disease (PVD)

4:06 Min | Tag: PAD

Balloon angioplasty

Plain balloon and Chocolate mesh balloon

1:00 Min | Tag: PAD


Drug coated balloon for PAD/PVD

2:48 Min | Tag: PAD

Self expanding stent

Bare metal stent for PAD/PVD

1:31 Min | Tag: PAD

Directional Atherectomy

TurboHawk for PAD

5:21:21 Min | Tag: PAD

Phoenix Hybrid Atherectomy

Phoenix hybrid atherectomy device for PAD

3:04 Min | Tag: PAD

Peripheral Arteries

Draw on this image to discuss leg circulation for PAD

Min | Tag: IMAGE

Crosser Device for CTO

Device for crossing chronic total occlusion for PAD

0:37 Min | Tag: PAD


Drug coated balloon for PAD/PVD

0:44 Min | Tag: PAD

Covered Stent

Viabahn Covered stent for treatment of PAD

2:29 Min | Tag: PAD

Orbital Atherectomy

Diamondback device

0:39 Min | Tag: PAD

Laser atherectomy

Laser debulking for treatment of PAD

1:11 Min | Tag: PAD

Scoring balloon

AngioSculpt with laser atherectomy for restenosis

1:59 Min | Tag: PAD

Drug eluting stent

Drug eluting stent for PAD or peripheral vascular disease

1:52 Min | Tag: PAD

Pioneer Plus

IVUS guided re-entry catheter

2:15 Min | Tag: PAD

Understanding PAD

Peripheral artery or vascular disease (PVD)

13:37 Min | Tag: PAD

Arterial Coil Embolization

Deployment of Retracta coils for embolization

1:44 Min | Tag: PAD

Tibiopedal Arterial Access

Retrograde pedal artery access with PTA

1:46 Min | Tag: PAD

Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL)

Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy (IVL) to treat calcified lesions

02:56 Min | Tag: PAD

Understanding Stroke

Explanation of types of stroke, causes and risk factors

03:26 Min | Tag: PAD