Carotid stent with DPD

CAS with distal protection for stroke prevention.

1:09 Min | Tag: STROKE

ASD closure-Helex

Percutaneous PFO closure using Helex device

1:30 Min | Tag: PFO

Atrial Fibrillation & Stroke

Stroke due to Afib/AF and role of anticoagulation

3:32 Min | Tag: AFIB

Paradoxical embolism with PFO

Mechanism of stroke with PFO or ASD

0:17 Min | Tag: STROKE

Signs of a Stroke


0:37 Min | Tag: STROKE

Carotid Arteries

Draw on this image to discuss carotid arteries

Min | Tag: IMAGE

Carotid Endarterectomy

Draw on this image to discuss CEA and share image

Min | Tag: STROKE

LAA Closure for AFib

Watchman device in atrial fibrillation/AF

2:02 Min | Tag: AFIB

PFO & Stroke

Stroke due to patent foramen ovale with device treatment

1:22 Min | Tag: STROKE

PFO closure-Amplatzer

Percutaneous PFO closure using Amplatzer device

1:22 Min | Tag: PFO

ASD closure-Amplatzer

Percutaneous ASD closure using Amplatzer device

1:08 Min | Tag: PFO

Complications of HTN

Complications of Hypertension (HTN)

2:04 Min | Tag: RISK

What is stroke

Understanding stroke & importance of early recognition

2:31 Min | Tag: STROKE

Watchman™ Device - Spanish

Spanish - Explanation of device implant in AFib

1:16 Min | Tag: SPANISH